About Legislation & Regulations

The board practices it’s duties and specialties through applying the effective legislations that organize privatization and investment activity and to determine how to privities the economic units and reaching the investment project through documents connected to potential and technical capabilities of the investor according to the following laws and regulations.

The law number (9) of 2010 on Investment Promotion.

The Executive law number (9) of 2010 on Investment Promotion.

The regulation for privatizing general companies number (118) at 2007.

related Legislations

2006-06-03 GPC decision No.(134) for 2006 regarding to establish financial paper market and its articles of association
2006-02-23 Decision No 89 for the year 2006 regarding permission to foreign companies for opening representation offices

2005-01-12 Law No 2 of the year 2005 regarding anti-money laundering

2005-01-12 Law No 1 of the year 2005 regarding banks

2004-08-01 Law no 5 of the year 1997 regarding the encouragement of the foreign capital investment, amended by the Law No 7 of the year 2003 and its implementation regulations

2004-03-06 Law No 11 of the year 2004 regarding income tax

2004-03-06 Law No 12 of the year 2004 regarding stamp tax duty

1973-08-23 Petroluem regulation no 9 of the year 1973

1973-05-01 Petroluem regulation no 8 of the year 1973

1970-05-02 Law No. 65 for the year 1970 concerning trades and commercial companies

Law No. (23) - of 2010 -

Resolution No (118) for the year 1375 (2007)

قانون الضرائب

Law NO (9) OF (2010) Conerning investment promotion

Resolu NO (194) OF 1377 (2009)

Executive Regulations of Law No (9) of -(2010)

قانون العمل